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University Accommodation – Birmingham City University

When I originally applied to Birmingham City University (BCU), I looked into living away from home.

Unfortunately the only adapted accommodation available was based in Perry Barr, which was a fair distance from Millennium Point where I’d be studying my chosen course, Media and Communications.

This would be difficult, as I would have to travel back and forth across the city centre at least twice a day.

I couldn’t guarantee transport being on time nor could I predict the traffic. There was a risk I would not be able to get to classes on time.

Another large disadvantage to living in Perry Barr when my course was at Millennium Point, was that any group projects would be difficult to complete as we would be opposite ends of town.

I would also miss out on a lot of social events as all my friends would be based near Millennium Point and I would not be. So when I originally applied I decided to live at home.

On reapplying to Birmingham City University for the academic year of 2016/17, my initial intention was to live at home again, but then I saw that new and accessible accommodation was in the process of being built nearby the Millennium Point campus. Sadly this adapted accommodation wouldn’t be completed until later on.

After discussing it with my parents, we decided that if I were to choose to study at BCU, I would live at home and commute for the first year, then when the adapted accommodation was completed and if still wanted to live away from home I would apply to live in the adapted accommodation during the second year.



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