Disability, My Life

Disabled Education – Bullying

Throughout my life as a disabled person and a wheelchair user, I have come to notice that some people think its acceptable to speak to those with disabilities how ever they please. I have experienced it for myself, some people think that just because we’re a little less mentally or physically able then they are, then its acceptable to intimidate us and exercise a level of control over us. 

Assuming that we aren’t or won’t stand up for ourselves. Then within this, I also have personal experience of bullying. One common denominator that I have discovered over my few encounters with bullies is that they always seem to target you when you are on your own. They see you as an easy target, easy to pray upon and another way to intimidate the person and exercise their control over you. 

But now I see it as petty, they come in and target someone with a disability only shows how low they can stoop, especially when the person is alone.

If they think we can’t stand up for ourselves, speak our mind, especially when we are cornered, they are so wrong. We can in fact be passionate people, who’s difficulties and changes have fueled the inner fire within us. So when people think they can treat me like dirt on the bottom of their shoes, trust me, I as much as many others can sure bite back.  

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