Disability, My Life

Disability Education

Suffering with Cerebral Palsy – which affects both of my legs and left arm, results in me being in an electric wheelchair full-time. I admit it does have its challenges and can be difficult at times, more than people can ever imagine. 


I try to stay strong but I don’t deny that I crack at times and get very upset. When I am able to think relatively clearly, I consider my options;  I could lie in my bed or sit in my wheelchair and cry or I could channel my thoughts and feelings towards a greater purpose. 

Attitudes towards those with disabilities and learning difficulties can be infuriating, you can often tell who has not approached, been around or worked with those with difficulties, mental and physically as their manner, actions and words portray it, there is nothing subtle about it. 

It is about ignorance and lack of understanding and pure inconsideration. As I live day to day, I attempt to view every situation I am in with prospective, trying to see the positive side in each one. 

My disability does complicate things sometimes to a great extent and I do get very frustrated, but sometimes the frustration and anger I feel, help me see more clearly and identify situations or issues which can fight to improve or be resolved. 

As I’ve gone through life, I have noticed a number of reoccurring aspects which difficulties and problems countlessly arises, without any sign of improving. 

Viewing them from a distance and with prospective, I saw that these issues need to be carefully but seriously considered, but most of all, attitudes towards the concept ‘disability’ need a reality check. Disabilities aren’t all the same as people are not.

The opportunities and experiences, both positive and not so positive, have made a stronger person and has helped me shaped to who I am. In a way I hope to become somewhat of an ambassador for disabled people, speaking for those who can’t communicate well or who can’t necessarily speak for themselves. 

I want to take a stand, representing the world of disability, voicing our opinions and views and what we need in society. I want to channel the fire inside of me correctly and effectively to demonstrate that we are capable of much more.

Society need to give themselves a ‘Disability Education’.

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