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The Flights Home

We regretfully packed up and headed to Orlando International airport for the journey home. 


Returning the adapted vehicle and checking in we spoke to assistants about boarding the plane. Going through security, we and our bags were checked over using the same process as before. 

Continuing to find this annoying, I reassured myself that this was probably the last time we would be searched like this before we got home. Once checked, I was ready to receive our hand luggage when we realised they were still being searched. 

One of my purchases that I made at Universal Studios, a Harry Potter Gryffindor pen was being viewed again as they thought it was something dangerous, but luckily is passed the checks and I was able to repack it to take it home. On our way through the airport I bought more Disney and Harry Potter souvenirs, as there wouldn’t be a chance before we heading home. 

Next I made sure I had enough in my hand luggage to do on the plane, as we only had a short lay-over time between the Orlando/New York City flight and the New York/ Birmingham flight and I wouldn’t have enough time to check then. Afterwards we met the airport assistants and they helped me into the smaller chair as others wheeled the chair away to take it apart and put into the hold. 

As usual, I felt unsteady as they wheeled me through the plane to my seat. The assistances weren’t steady either, which resulted me in bumping my side and my left arm as we moved through the aisles. 

Though I had to deal with passengers staring at me gormlessly, they weren’t as bad as those on other flights. The two assistants helped me to the correct airplane seat and helped lift me onto the middle seat, as my mom and dad sat either side of me. The assistants and aircrew were perfectly nice but nothing more. Again the flight from Orlando to New York wasn’t long, it took 3 hours. 

Unfortunately I couldn’t get comfortable as the arm rests didn’t move up, I hoped that I would have a better seat on the flight to Birmingham to be able to rest which would be a seven hour overnight flight. In the meantime I watched a film on the monitor that was stored into the armrest. 

I also continued writing stories, which I started in Palm Beach, which I would type up when I got home. When we arrived in New York, it was sunny outside, but sadly we couldn’t go outside to enjoy the sun as our lay over time to our next flight was so short.  

The airport assistants lifted me into a small chair and wheeled me out to my wheelchair which was already there waiting for me to sit in it during our lay over time.

When we arrived in New York, we waited to catch our connecting flight to Birmingham. 

As we’d already had passed security and would be staying in the airport for our next flight, we didn’t need to go through security again or have our bags checked and as our luggage was being moved from one flight to other, we didn’t have much to worry about. 

Once we had checked with the assistants that they would be meeting us at our connection, we decided to freshen up and get a bite to eat in the airport as the flight would be over night and I wasn’t keen on the alternative. On boarding the plane, it was the same process as all the other flights. 

I had to deal with the very narrow-minded aircrew and assistants to get to my seat as well as the gormlessly looks of other passengers for the last time. 

Sitting in a similar seat to the one I sat in on the previous flight, I was annoyed to find the armrests didn’t move upwards so I struggled to sleep. When the lights when down I drifted in and out of a doze, otherwise to pass the time I wrote more and watched movies.     

Touching on home ground, we looked outside the plane window and saw it was early hours of the morning. Getting assistance from the aircrew and airport assistants, we got off the plane and into my chair. When I first sat in the chair I knew it didn’t feel right, my parents lifted me back out the chair and had to take it apart and put it back together again. 

Once they did this dad used the allen keys and tightened up the lose screws, then lifted me back into the chair.  We made our way through the airport, collected our luggage and went through passport control in a dazed state of mind due to lack of sleep, finally making our way out into the cold, fresh air.  

Pulling up at home we got out the taxi and sluggishly went inside. Once inside we decided to do our own thing. My mom went to bed and my dad pottered around the house while I caught up on TV that I missed. 

Though my body was worn out, my mind wouldn’t shut off, I think it was adrenaline rush from the effect of the holiday. As the morning wore on I began feeling tired so I decided too get into bed.  Still feeling relatively awake, I caught up with all my friends on social media and told them all about the excitement of holiday. This relieved some of the holiday excitement and I managed to drift off and took a nap for a while and woke up feeling as right as rain. 

As I uploaded the photos of the holiday and continued to tell people about the holiday, which felt like went on ages ago as opposed to a few days. Once this was done I had to get back to normal but I will always have the photos and the memories of going to New York and Orlando, especially being able to go to the wizarding world of Harry Potter at Universal Studios.

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