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Palm Beach

Having enjoyed Orlando and Universal Studios and Island of Adventures, I was a bit sad to leave for Palm Beach, but I looked forward to the rest and relaxation.


 I could do my own thing while mom and dad did their own thing. On the journey to palm beach, I put my headphones on, listened to music and began to write in one of the notebooks I had packed. As I wrote, I felt the very hot sun on my neck and this made the journey pass quickly.

Stepping into the hotel’s lobby, I was shocked by the size of it. We were greeted by very nice members of staff who welcomed us to the hotel. 

Taking our bags and bringing them into the hotel, they helped us check into our room which we would be staying in for the next six nights. Our room was very spacious with two double beds. 

One for mom and dad and one for me. Plenty of room to strength out and relax. This made me a very happy girl. There was a small table with a TV on. The bathroom was quite small and awkward to get into. 

My parents would have to carry me into the bathroom and then twist carefully so they could either help me onto the toilet or into the shower.

Coming back down from our room back into the hotel’s lobby we prepared to go into the swimming pool. On seeing the swimming pool was up a few steps, we asked the hotel staff where the lift was so we could get to the swimming pool. 

Exchanging a look, the staff admitted that the lift to get to the pool was currently broken as it had been for a few days. My parents started to get angry that the lift had broken and had not been fixed, but I didn’t say anything. 

The way I saw it was the lift was broken and there’s not much we could do other than voice our displeasure and to just accept it as it was only for a few days. However feeling guilty, as he should, the hotel manager promised to get someone to come and fix the lift and in the meantime we could use the swimming pool in next door’s hotel. Eager we grabbed our stuff and went to use the pool in next door’s hotel. 

Being able to get out my chair and into the swimming pool felt great, I didn’t feel like anything was weighing me down. When I swim, I feel a really sense of freedom. Not being about able to walk has its immense difficulties but when I swim, I leave everything behind. 

Felling the bottom of the pool under my feet and being able to walk along the edge of the pool in the water, I felt very excited and being able to stretch my legs. Was fantastic. I love swimming, I feel I can play mini games and entertain myself for hours.

In the morning, when I got up, I had American breakfasts (big pancakes with syrup). I haven’t seen pancakes that size before. They were defiantly the highlight of my breakfasts while I was in America. 

All the food I eat there was fantastic but one meal caught my taste-buds. One night we strolled through Palm Beech and we found a small restaurant. 

Sitting down, we took a menu and I saw various masses of food were available for us to order, one in particular caught my eye, a nacho mountain. Nachos covered in cheese, salsa, guacamole, sour cream, jalapenos, chives and pulled pork. Though this wasn’t the most obvious choice, I was on holiday and fancied it. Getting it, I was amazed by the size of the mountain. It will taller than me. 

As I was eating it, I couldn’t help noticing I was playing a form of jenga with the food, pulling nachos out slowly from different sides of the mountain without toppling it over. I know it may sound weird, but it was actually quite fun playing this form of jenga. The nacho mountain was surprisingly delicious. 

We did go back to this small restaurant a few times as we enjoyed the surroundings as it was quiet and yet a comfy atmosphere with a stream of people also seeming to be on holiday. When we returned there, the waiter seemed to know what I wanted each time. The nacho mountain. 

By this time, I had got pretty good at nacho jenga. On the last time we went to eat at the restaurant, I decided to have a desert. A New York cheesecake which was absolutely delicious and defiantly worth eating.

As planned, I spent a lot of my time writing and brainstorming for new stories and fiction pieces. I felt very relaxed and at peace with the world while I was in Palm Beech. 

It was just what I needed after my stressful university experience in Southampton. Deciding to channel my anger, frustration and upset at what had happened into my writing, concentrating it into creativity. 

Having downloaded audiobooks before coming on this holiday, I sat in the lovely weather, put my earphones in and began writing. Having put my headphones on and writing my blog, stories and fictional pieces I felt this world reseeded and myself enter a more, creative, far away place. 

Time quickly passed in this world and I lost track of things and my surroundings. Days passed and I took up my usual spot at the doors outside and upon entering my far away world, I continued writing my new and current pieces in my notebooks. 

My parents took advantage of my preoccupation with my writing and went to the beach. The sun was shining every day and it was the perfect chance to go on the beach. 

Watching them I couldn’t help but feel pleased and happy. Mom was sunbathing while reading a book, while dad was sunbathing while listening to his earphones. 

I have such wonderful, amazing parents who do so much for me and it was really nice to see them having some time for themselves for rest and relaxation. 

Midway in our holiday at Palm Beach, we decided to go on a day trip to Miami. I’ve always wanted to go, but didn’t have a chance until now. On TV I see Miami in films and can’t believe how beautiful it is. 

Journeying to Miami, I put my earphones on and enjoyed the wind and sun. We travelled for two hours and planned what we would do once we arrived in Miami. I didn’t mind what we did, I just couldn’t believe we were going to Miami and I wanted to just take everything in and enjoy the atmosphere and surrounds. 

Arriving in Miami, we were able to drive through Miami and finally we were about to park on a beautiful side road with a magnificent view of Miami Beach. Stunned into silence, we just sat and admire the beach. 

Getting out, we walked through Miami beach and enjoyed the atmosphere. Dad soon became interested in a number of buildings Miami beach, particularly that of the art deco architecture design which were buildings built in the 1920’s and 1930’s. 

Being an architect, my dad was fascinated by the designs and studied them with such intensity. Standing with him, even I was drawn in a little, admiring the details in all the buildings. 

While dad was preoccupied with looking at the buildings and mom was shopping, I strolled around Miami beach, taking it all in and soaking up the atmosphere. Glancing around, I became like a proper tourist, taking a photograph of everything I could, I didn’t want to forget a single moment. 

I’m not exaggerating Miami truly was beautiful and could be compared to a giant film set. Even now, I can’t full express the sights of it all. To seal it, the heat level was just right, I enjoyed it so much and while I sat enjoying an ice cream, I watched the wind gently blow the trees and felt at piece with the world.                 

Returning to Palm Beach after a wonderful time in Miami, we enjoyed a few last days of rest of relaxation back at our hotel in Palm Beach. Feeling fully refreshed and rested, we headed back to Orlando for one last day of holiday before boarding our flight back to the United Kingdom.   

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