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University of Northampton – Joint Honours – Event Management & Journalism

​When I was researching different courses and universities. University of Northampton caught my attention.

The joint honors degree between Event Management & Journalism was available at the university. The joint degree was the same as other universities that offered it.

Both areas of the course were saw as two separate ones with the option of the combination. The course had many similarities to the joint degree at the University of Chester.

The one significant difference between this course and the one at the University of Chester was that in Events Management we had the chance to put together a live event. Then in Journalism we got the chance to work with an actual newspaper.

The atmosphere was great. Very friendly with a lot of activities taking place within freshers week and during the rest of the year.

It was a social scene as there was a lot of clubs and societies to join, both to do with our course as well as others to fit our other interests. There was at least one there to suit everyone.

The support team was very impressed with how much I could do for myself and was more than happy to help me.

They had many of the facilities I would need to be able to study there. The adapted accommodation was unique.

As well as the room size, equipment and en suite bathrooms, someone was available all the time and we had an intercom system to communicate with them if we needed them.

This course and university was another choice I would consider when making my final decision.

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