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University of Chester – Joint Honours – Event Management & Journalism

When I was researching possible universities and courses, I came across the Joint Honours between Event Management & Journalism at the University of Chester.

I knew it was a long way away, but it was one of the only places that offered this particular degree.

Thanks to Birmingham PHAB Camps I had already acquired many of the skills needed for both parts of the course. Skills such as organisation, creativity, time management and team work.

Though the degree was joint honours the university treated it as two separate degrees. I suspect this was because the university wanted us to get an inside look in both areas, which cannot happen if we only studied half of each course.

We needed to get an in depth understanding of each area to have a chance at being successful in the industry.

This added extra pressure, but I felt like I could handle this pressure as I already had experience in both areas. Also, the fact that I have a passion for the two helped.
Regarding the disability support and services available, I found them both useful and beneficial. I felt they took my disability on board and would find ways to support me both in and out the course.

Another promising aspect about the university was the amount of activities, clubs and societies you could join and everyone I met was friendly and enthusiastic.

The disability team were also helpful concerning the accommodation; they would make necessary adaptions to make my stay at the University of Chester more comfortable.

I thought this course was perfect for me and it showed a very promising career. However there was one downside, the degree was based at the Warrington Campus instead of the campus in Chester.

The Warrington Campus was in the middle of nowhere. The only ways out into Chester was by car, bus and taxi.

Though the was plenty of activity going on at the Warrington Campus, I felt quite isolated and feared that if my friends had ventured into the main city centre, I would find it immensely difficult to follow them. This would put me at a major disadvantage socially.

Regretfully I had to, as much to my disappointment, I had to rule this university out as a possibility.

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